How to Make Barbie Doll Cake Fancy Decoration I Cake Decoration Idea

How to Make Barbie Doll Cake Fancy Decoration I Barbie Doll Cake Decoration Idea


Your daughter’s birthday is coming and you are still wondering what fancy birthday cake to make for her? If so, this Barbie doll cake decoration idea is for you. I am sure that your daughter will love this Barbie doll cake especially if you make it for her. So, let’s do it.

Barbie Doll Cake Decoration Idea: Intro

You will need the following tools for your art work.



1. Prepare the cake

  • You will need a round plain cake of your desired thickness. Check out our basic and easy cake recipe as a start.
  • Decoration will be much easier on a flat surface. Therefore, if the cake doesn’t have a flat top surface, you need to cut off the top to create one for your decoration work.
  • You will also want some filling in between the cake to add more flavor to it, so cut the cake into 2 equal layers.

2. Apply filling on the first cake layer

Barbie Doll Cake Decoration Idea: Step2

  • First, place the cake turntable on a flat work surface. Make sure that it is not too low or too high to work on, and it spins smoothly.
  • Then place the cake board on the turntable. The cake board should be a little bigger than the cake so that it helps moving the decorated cake without any damages. To keep the cake board still you can paste the board to the turntable with some frosting.
  • Next, place the bottom layer of the cake on the cake board and spread a flat layer of frosting on top by slightly pressing the spatula on the frosting and spinning the turntable. Keep the spatula parallel with the turntable surface.
  • Finally, put some fruit jam on the center top and work your spatula the same way to spread it all over the frosting. Now you are done with the filling.
  • Don’t worry about the excess frosting on the side of the cake at this time because you will do the round frosting cover later.

3. Cover the whole cake with frosting

Barbie Doll Cake Decoration Idea: Step3

  • Place the other cake layer on top of the filling, align it with the bottom layer, then put a substantial amount of frosting on it.
  • Work your spatula on the frosting and spin the turntable the same way you did with the filling layer to create a thick, flat and smooth layer of frosting on top of the cake. Add more frosting if required. This top frosting layer should get a bit beyond the side of the cake.
  • To cover the side with frosting, put more frosting on the side while spinning the turntable and slightly pressing the spatula to the side. Hold your spatula vertically to the cake board to create an evenly thick and smooth layer of frosting all around. Add more frosting where needed.
    To carve lines on the side frosting layer, hold the serrated blade of a cake knife parallel with and slightly pressed on the frosting surface then slowly spin the turntable until the lines run all around the side.
  • Finally, fix and smooth the top edge with your spatula.

4. Decorate flowers with the petal tip 104

Barbie Doll Cake Decoration Idea: Step4

Prepare piping bags of white and light violet frosting with petal tip 104. You will pipe each 5-petal flower on the flower nail and then transfer it to the cake with the flower lifter or a pair of scissors. Follow the below steps to make one flower:

  • Hold the piping bag in your dominant hand and the flower nail in the other hand.
  • Make the center base: angle the piping bag so that the wide end of the petal tip touching the flower nail base and the narrow end pointing up and slightly inward, press the bag and rotate the flower nail counterclockwise to create a slightly flat cone at the center of the nail base. Repeat to make 2 more cones on top of the first one.
  • Make the petals: angle the piping bag so that the wide end of the petal tip touching center of the frosting base you just created and the narrow end slightly above the base, press the bag, rotate the flower nail counterclockwise and move the tip slightly up then back down to form a petal. Repeat to pipe the remaining petals, each overlapping part of the previous one.

Arrange the flowers on one part of the cake top in a way that allows you to insert some more details in between them later.

5. Decorate lavender branches

Barbie Doll Cake Decoration Idea: Step5

  • You don’t need piping tips and you will need green and dark violet frosting in this step. Prepare separate small piping bags of green and dark violet frosting and cut the very end the bag tips because you will use the bags to pipe small details.
  • First, decorate the thin lavender branches. On each side of the flower area, pipe 3 thin green lines curving along the top edge to form the branches. Slightly move the turntable to help this piping task.
  • Next, add small leaves on the branches. To pipe a small leaf, squeeze out a small amount of frosting then quickly move the bag tip further on the direction you want the leaf to be then stop.
  • Finally, add some lavender flowers. To create one lavender flower, pipe a group of tiny dark violet frosting balls in the form of a lavender flower.

6. Add flower stamens, flower buds, and leaves

Barbie Doll Cake Decoration Idea: Step6

  • First, add darker violet shade stamens to the 5-petal flowers. You just need to pipe a small ball of this color frosting on center top of each flower.
  • Then add white flower buds around these flowers by piping white frosting water drops in different size then dot their tops with violet frosting.
  • Finally, add some bigger leaves on the edge of the flower area using the same technique as you made the lavender leaves.

7. Decorate the Barbie doll and bottom border

Barbie Doll Cake Decoration Idea: Step7

  • Wrap the naked Barbie doll with some plastic wrap on where you are going to pipe frosting on so that cleaning work will be easier.
  • At the center top of the cake, place the doll in sitting position with its back close to the left lavender branches. Try not to damage any details of the cake that you have made so far.
  • Next, use the petal tip to create the lower part of a ruffle dress by piping ruffle violet lines on the doll – moving the piping tip slightly up and down while squeezing the bag. Then use the white frosting bag to pipe small dollops of frosting covering the upper part of the doll to complete the dress.
  • Finally, create a bottom ruffle border in light violet by steadily press the piping bag while spinning the turntable and moving the petal tip slightly up and down until the border runs all around the cake.

That’s it. You have finished the Barbie doll cake fancy decoration.

Barbie Doll Cake Decoration Idea: End

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