How to Cook Delicious Crispy Corn Spring Rolls | Vegetarian Food

How to Cook Delicious Crispy Corn Spring Rolls | Corn Spring Rolls Recipe


Today I am happy to introduce to you how to make crunchy and flavorful corn spring rolls. Although this is a recipe for vegetarians and vegans, all of you can enjoy these crispy and delicious corn spring rolls as a snack or a light treat with some sweet-sour-spicy sauce or even only with chili sauce. Absolutely scrumptious!

You will find out how effortless this recipe is, so why don’t you try it to diversify your family menu.

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Delicious Crispy Corn Spring Rolls

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  • Author: Havycakes_ ND
  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 45 minutes
  • Category: Vegetarian food
  • Method: Frying


  • 1 ear of sweet corn
  • ¼ of a carrot
  • 1 small piece of tofu
  • Fresh dill, finely chopped
  • Spring roll sheets
  • 1 teaspoon of finely-crushed black pepper
  • 2 tea spoons of vegetarian seasoning powder
  • Cooking oil

Corn Spring Rolls How To: Ingredients


Notes on selecting ingredients

  • You should use sweet corn, which is yellow, not the white one. It’s better to pick up the ear of corn with its kernels still soft and you can see its germ coming out when you press your thumb hard on one kernel. The sweet corn will give more flavor and texture to your spring rolls.
  • This corn spring rolls recipe is a vegetarian food; therefore you should use vegetarian seasoning powder. In my experience, many people don’t prefer the seasoning powder extracted from seaweed to the one extracted from mushrooms and vegetables. However, if you like the seaweed smell, go for it.
  • I have tried to add several herbs and things then figured out that fresh dill gives your corn spring rolls a more special taste compared to green onion or cilantro.

1. Preparing the corn, carrot, and tofu

  • Use a peeler to slice the kernels off the corncob. While slicing, press the peeler hard against the kernels to make sure that you don’t slice them too thin because you want to feel the corn. Don’t slice too close to the cob because you don’t want the kernels’ tip caps in your spring rolls, which is rough and not pleasant to taste.
  • Use a grater to grate the carrot into thin pieces.
  • In a bowl, crush the tofu into small pieces with a spoon.

Corn Spring Rolls How To: Step1

2. Cooking the spring roll filling

  • Heat 1 tablespoon cooking oil in a frying pan.
  • Place the sliced corn and grated carrot into the pan, and stir them over high heat to prevent the corn from watering.
  • Put all the seasoning powder onto the corn, then add the black pepper and stir the mixture until well incorporated.
  • Turn off the heat then mix the chopped fresh dill and tofu with the corn to finish preparation of the filling. The filling should smell and taste good already and should not be wet.

Corn Spring Rolls How To: Step2

3. Shaping the corn spring rolls

  • Place a square spring roll sheet on a flat surface, with one corner of the sheet facing you.
  • Place about one tablespoon full of filling on the sheet, near the corner facing you. Don’t use too much filling for one roll because you will make spring rolls that don’t need cutting or slicing when serving.
  • Fold the sheet from the corner over the filling and roll the filling a bit further, then fold the two side parts of the sheet inward, as close to the filling as possible, and smooth out the edges.
  • Roll the filling forward until you reach the end of the sheet, then place the roll with its seam facing down on a plate to keep it from unfolding. The filling will get puffy a bit, so try not to roll it too tight.

Corn Spring Rolls How To: Step3

4. Frying the corn spring rolls

  • Heat the frying pan, then pour cooking oil into the pan to an amount that covers bottom of the pan and wait until the oil is hot. You will fry the rolls under medium heat.
  • Place the rolls into the pan with their seam facing down, one by one, and keep turning them so that the outside is cooked evenly.
  • Before the outside of the rolls starts getting golden, turn the heat up to high heat until they turn golden to keep the rolls from absorbing oil. The filling inside has been cooked already, so you only need to care about the outside part in this step.
  • Transfer the rolls to a drying / cooling rack or a plate lined with cooking oil absorbing paper.
  • Enjoy!

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