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Cream Buns | Easy & Delicious No Oven Recipe


In the afternoon, we usually have that uncalled for hunger, but a big, heavy meal isn’t a good choice unless you are willing to risk your usual healthy routine. If you are in that situation, I highly recommend having one or two cream buns. But, how to make them at home without the help of an oven?

Nutritious Value of Cream Buns

are cream buns healthy?

With the main ingredients of flour, egg, milk, and butter, this pastry is fairly healthy. It can give you the energy you need.

Wheat flour provides sufficient calories, eggs contain a high amount of protein and the precious lecithin that reduces the fat in your body, and dairy supplies have a lot of important vitamins. Therefore, you can be at ease about the health benefits of cream buns. However, it raises another question: how do you know what works best in this recipe?

Ingredients in Cream Buns

what do we need to make cream buns?

  • Strong flour: It has the highest gluten content in the flour family (about 14%), also known as bread flour. You will need to put serious efforts when kneading the dough to develop the structure and use the ‘windowpane test’ to make sure it is in a good state. Using it for the bread buns gives you the best crust.
  • Soft flour: Being the opposite of strong flour, it is relatively low in gluten and responsible for a finer texture. You can spot it as either cake flour or pastry flour, and it makes the filling for our buns spongy.
  • Instant yeast: It is always available where I live, plus it requires no water to be activated. Nonetheless, active dry yeast is also an adequate substitute!
  • Eggs: They bind the dry ingredients together without being too sticky.
  • Dairy sources: Butter and milk add greasiness and thickness to the flavour besides the sweetness of sugar.

Steps to Make a Cream Bun

We will prepare two batches of ingredients: bread crust and buttercream.

1. Mix the egg yolks with sugar and flour.

1 - mix the yolks with sugar

2. Warm the milk and the butter up a bit before adding them to the mixture above.

2 - heat milk and butter

3. Infiltrate the remaining lumps with a colander or any filter tool and leave the liquid on low heat until it becomes a thick paste.

3 - blend both mixtures

4. Initiate a new mixture with milk, water, and one egg.

4 - new liquid mixture for dough

5. Sift the combination of flour and salt before blending it with sugar, yeast, and the egg mix to have the dough ready.

5 - mix the dough

6. Knead it well and let it rest for an hour.

7. Divide the mass into 6 parts and fill each of them with enough cream.

6 - shape the buns and fill with cream

8. Bake the cream buns with a frypan until they turn golden brown.

fry the buns without oven

Advanced Tips for Perfect Cream Buns

  • Unless you have no other choice, don’t mix up the two types of flour I mentioned.
  • Always check the expiration date of your yeast since expired yeast won’t rise much, if not at all.

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Now, let’s check on the instruction video to grasp the basic steps and followed the details in my recipe below!


[No Oven] Cream Buns Recipe

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A childhood memory of delicacies with a tender texture and sweetened cream that I would love to share with you!

  • Author: havyteam_np
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 2 hours 10 minutes
  • Category: How to cook
  • Method: Frying


The ingredients consist of two separate parts: the filling and the bread bun.

  1. The filling
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 25g sugar
  • 10g flour
  • 125ml non-sugar fresh milk
  • 8g butter
  1. The buns
  • 40ml non-sugar fresh milk
  • 30ml water (warm)
  • 1 egg
  • 200g flour
  • 30g sugar
  • 3g yeast


Step 1: The creamy filling

  • Be careful when you crack the eggshells and transfer the yolks back and forth until you are satisfied with the outcome. A small tip is to separate your eggs when they are chilled and let them return to room temperature prior to use.
  • In a large bowl, add sugar and flour to the yolks and stir them a bit with a rubber spatula or something equally tender.
  • Pour fresh milk into a pot and let it heat up slightly before dropping a butter cube for dissolving.
  • Combine these 2 mixtures. The warmth from the buttered milk will help your ingredients blend easily.
  • Infiltrate any remaining lumps and crumbs from the substance before cooking it on low heat until you obtain a creamy paste.
  • Cover the cream with a plastic wrapper and move onto the next phase!

Step 2: The supple dough

  • In a glass, dilute fresh milk with warm water before blending the liquid with an egg (whole, no separated).
  • Smoothen the mix of flour and salt with a sieve.
  • Add the previously mixed sugar and yeast to the salted flour, followed by the milky egg wash.
  • Turn the mixture over and over with a large spoon until the dry ingredients have absorbed the liquids to form a moist dough.
  • Knead and feel the dough with your fingertips. It should feel supple and smooth without turning wet and sticky. You can test the quality after an hour of fermentation. If there is no batter sticking to your finger when you prod the doughy mass, it means you have succeeded!

Step 3: No Oven Buns

  • Put your dough on a lightly floured surface and divide it into 6 parts.
  • Give each dough ball a final gentle kneading before you flatten them with a rolling pin. The thickness shouldn’t be more than 5 millimeters.
  • Distribute the filling evenly and fold the dough in half (like the shape of a taco!). Let the buns rest for 40 – 50 minutes.
  • Bake them on low heat with a non-stick frypan until you see the crust turn golden brown on both sides.


  • Poking your finger through the dough also releases the air bubbles and perfects the quality of the final product.
  • Seal the cream buns tightly to keep the melted cream neat inside.
  • Line your frypan with some butter to enhance the appearance and the scent.
  • These buns work great as a side dish for your grilled sausage or bacon as well!


  • Calories: 212kcal
  • Sugar: 10.5g
  • Sodium: 24mg
  • Fat: 4g
  • Saturated Fat: 2g
  • Carbohydrates: 37.5g
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Protein: 6g
  • Cholesterol: 65mg

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And that’s how to make cream buns without using an oven! As soon as you slice your knife through the bun, you will see and smell the delicious filling oozing out of it. With a cup of tea, you will have a perfect midday snack. If you have tried this recipe and enjoyed it, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications to get the latest updates!

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