Easiest Tips To Succeed In Making Incredible Durian Cakes

How To Make Incredible Durian Cakes | Durian Cakes


Durian is always impressive ingredient for all who love cooking and want to make some delicious cakes for their lovers at many different occasions like birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, etc.…. With our simple but useful recipe, we bring you the easiest steps to make durian cakes become perfect from shape to taste, from the first look outside to the first bite inside. Why are we so confident? That is because our product looks the same as a piece of durian and when you try it is succulent creamy inside; however, its odor is not too strong to eat since we mix the durian with flour and milk also. I have succeeded in mastering this kind of incredible cake. You can become a homemade master chef of durian cake too, if obverse clearly and follow our simple steps below.


How To Make Incredible Durian Cakes | Durian Cakes

  • Author: Havy Cakes
  • Category: Cake
  • Method: Steam


As the name of this cake, the main ingredient we need to prepare is some very good durian. We should choose perfect durians because they have much effect to our product taste and smell. Besides, we also need to buy some basic stuffs for making cakes like flour, fresh milk, instant yeast,…. which are easy to find at any grocery stores or supermarkets.

  • Flour: 300 g
  • Fresh milk: 150 ml
  • Sugar: 50 g
  • Cooking oil: 20 g
  • Instant: 5 g
  • Salt: 2 g
  • Food coloring: a small spoon
  • Durian: 500 g


Having all ingredients ready for making durian cakes, we start the easiest recipe with mixing fresh milk, flour and some other stuffs to create perfect covers for our cakes.

Step 1: Mixing flour, fresh milk and some other stuffs to create perfect covers

  • If we have a flour whipping machine, this step will be much easier, since we just need to put all of ingredients we will list below into the machine and push the “begin” button.
  • In case, we do not have a convenient machine like it, we put 300 g of flour into a bowl. Then, pour 150 ml of fresh milk to the bowl.
  • Add some other stuffs like cooking oil, sugar, salt and instant into the bowl also.
  • In this case, we use a beater to whip all of the ingredients until they mix will together.

Step 2: Kneading flour and roll durian cakes:

  • Finishing whipping all ingredients to have a perfect mixture like our picture above. We continue our simple recipe with kneading the mixture and divide it into 6 pieces to make durian cakes.
  • We use nothing else but our two hands to knead the mixture taken out from the whipping machine.
  • Try to make it longer to cut it into 6 pieces easily.
  • Here, it is necessary to measure these pieces with a scale so that we will have incredible cakes balanced from shape to taste.
  • Measure the 6 pieces in order to have every piece weight at 80 g.

  • Then, roll these pieces of flour into thin layers.
  • Put about three small spoons of durian in the center of the layers and roll them to have a cake like our below picture.
  • We suggest you one idea to decorate the cakes which look like the same as pieces of durian. You can create any other decorations according to your creations.

Step 3: Steaming durian cakes

  • This step seems easy but really important to produce perfect smell of durian cakes.
  • Many people can’t stand with the smell of true durian so that at this step, we should use a pot with many holes to steam the cakes in order to release some of durian true smell and bring more comfortable smell to our table companions.
  • Before steaming these durian cakes, we put them in rest for about 30 minutes to dry the flour first.
  • Then, put them on a special pot with many holes to steam.
  • Taking them out we will have incredible products from color to smell like picture below.

I certain that if you are true fan of durian you can not ignore this simple recipe, because it will bring you the most incredible durian cakes ever. When taking the cakes out of the pot, using a spoon and a pork to split the cake we all feel the best smell of fresh durian combined with fresh milk. Moreover, the cover is smooth and its wonderful yellow color looks like a real piece of durian. All these facts combine together and create the most incredible durian cake when you give it the first bite and can’t stand with biting the second, the third,… until the last one. I used to try many diffferent recipe to make cakes having durian flavor; however this method is the easiest to me. Hope with thest simple steps and helpful demonstrations of pictures you can master this homemade impressive durian cakes.

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