Learn how to make an soft and moist egg sandwich to have a simple recipe

How to Make a Soft and Moist Egg Sandwich | Simple Cooking


Sandwiches are not a new food, even very popular in the world cuisine, due to a fast food with easy recipes. To timelessly make a soft and moist egg sandwich, you only need few popular ingredients such as egg, bread and some spices to mix in. This food is as a snack or fast food for breakfast/break time or lunch, it’s suitable for persons who are so busy for their cooking and who are from different countries can enjoy.

Delicious egg sandwich

Moreover, a kind of food ingredient is from eggs that have many rich nutrients to provide you a healthy body among a huge of harmful dishes are made for serving.

With the eggs and some bread slices, you can make the soft and moist egg sandwiches from a simple and fast recipe. In comparison with other-style egg sandwich, this recipe is simpler when there is not vegetable which is between bread slices. So, you feel the unique egg taste while eating. Just focus on the main ingredient, it shall increase the savory egg sandwich. With this description through, are you hungry? Let’s quickly start the below recipe together.

Before cooking, you should prepare some simple ingredients for this food.


How to Make a Soft and Moist Egg Sandwich | Simple Cooking

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  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
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Ingredients to make egg sandwich

  • 3 chicken eggs
  • 2 slices of bread (you can prepare further bread slices)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salt
  • Ketchup (or chili sauce if you like spicy sandwiches) for decoration


Step 1 – Prepare the filling with Eggs

  • Prepare a water saucepan. Water volume is enough to boil three eggs. The submerged eggs in water are better.

Mash eggs to make filling

  • Put three eggs into the saucepan for cooking through in some minutes. I suggest 10 minutes for the boiled eggs on a medium heat.
  • Peel the egg shells (I advise to put the boiled eggs into cooling water before peeling to keep the smooth surface of the eggs), separate the egg whites from the yolk to put into two bowls. Divide the whites to 3-4 parts to prepare the next steps with ease.
  • Put the yolks in a sieve to finely mash by pressing down with a spoon. Next, add all of the whites to mash together until all of them are finely mashed not to be rough while eating.

Finish the egg mixture

  • Place this egg ingredient in a bowl, add one spoon of mayonnaise and a pinch of salt. Well mix this mixture. Set aside for the filling.

Step 2 – Add the egg filling on the bread slices

  • Place two bread slices on the clean plate/dish (how many sandwiches that you want; you can prepare them more).

Spread mayonnaise on bread slice

  • Spread mayonnaise on the surface of bread slice. Thinly spread to make the mayonnaise smooth by using a knife.

Spread the egg mixture on bread slice

  • Add the egg filling on the bread. Use a spoon to spread the egg mixture to fill on the bread slice.
    Put the other bread slice on top and cut off all sides of crusts to have a perfect sandwich.

Step 3 – Serve the delicious sandwich

  • Cut off the sandwich into two triangles.
  • Decorate the sandwiches with ketchup or other ingredients which you like, as long as you feel so tasteful during eating them.
  • Now let’s serve these delicious egg sandwiches.

Perfect egg sandwich


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