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Halloween Cookie Ideas | Decoration Ideas 2020


Are you looking for lovely gifts to send or hoping for an unforgettable ‘Trick or Treat’ party with your little ones? Let’s take the treats beyond the usual candies and pastries bought from stores and try our unique Halloween cookie ideas while reading on about the history of this famous festival.

The Intriguing History of Halloween

October 30th is one of the most looked – forwarded – to festival, especially in the US. However, many people are still unaware of the fact that this celebration has no roots in America. As you learn about the origin of Halloween you will see there are more than costumes and makeups behind it. We will travel along the reverse timeline and load up a bit more of knowledge on ourselves. (1)

halloween's history

The Celtic Origins

Originated from the Celtic fest named Samhain, Halloween has been present for about 2000 years. It marked the end of harvest and welcomed the new year, during which people would start bonfires in honor of the dead and wear costumes to ward off the evil. Furthermore, they believed the boundary between our world and the after would become extremely fragile, allowing us to connect with the other world.

The faith in natural forces, of course, didn’t stop there. Celts thought the spirits could do more than damaging crops, giving signs about the future, for example. Only the Druids (Celtic priests) could look into the signs and give away prophecies, which served as a foundation of comfort through the cold, dark winter.

Around the huge bonfire, folks gathered and burned their sacrifices like animals and crops. The costumes they wore typically included the heads and the skins of animals. They prayed and attempted to predict others’ fortune until the dawn arrived. The hearth fires, previously extinguished, would be lit again from the bonfire’s flame, as a means to protect the entire family during the severe season coming up.

Halloween Activities

Halloween cookie ideas for decorating are very far from being a part of the original Halloween. Based on basic detail about what the Celts had done in their celebrations, the later generations modified and improved those traditions.

Eventually, heavily ritualistic procedures evolved into cute games and fun, focusing more on the fortune-telling side rather than the communication with the underworld. Have you heard of ‘Bobbing for Apples’? It became a sort of a matchmaking chance for maidens in the 19th century. On All Hallows’ Eve (a former name of Halloween), the young woman would pick and bite into only one of many selected apples, and the man represented by the chosen apple would represent her future husband.

Let’s not forget to mention the mirror-gazing ritual, in which people looked into that lucid surface and wished to catch a glimpse of their future. Also, from those early times, there has already been the tradition of sending favors resembling fortune cookies to others. They created cryptic messages by writing on paper in milk and tucked the piece in walnut shells. When heated, the milk would turn brown and reveal the writing.

Halloween Today

Nowadays, Halloween has become an occasion for everyone to enjoy, even for toddlers. Children will gather and dress up in special costumes, coming to neighbors’ doors and asking for treats. The ‘Trick or Treat’ gained its reputation since the beginning of the last century when families would opt to give candies and be immune to any pranks waiting ahead.

(Can you believe that Americans spend more than 9 billion dollars per year to celebrate this unofficial holiday?)

In 2020, we will enjoy our favorite sweets with spooky themes aside from wearing scary-looking outfits and watching horror movies (because of social distancing!). And you see, that’s when you need our list of Halloween Cookie designs.

Halloween Cookie Ideas in 2020

Biscuit Decoration

On the golden canvas of the biscuits, you can either draw your patterns right away or fill the base with a bright icing first.

1 - skeleton & spider


Draw a circle and fill it with white cream, leaving 3 empty dots as the eyes and the mouth. Afterward, continue with the spine, and your spooky skeleton is ready!


Paint a black circle first to make the head before touching it up with little lines for the legs. Use your white icing for the big eyes.

Smiley Face

You can use either white, orange, or red cream to paint the face before making the little details with brown icing. After drawing the smiling mouth, decorate it with several lines across for a sewed look.

3 - smiley face with sewed mouth

Oreo Decoration

You have a few choices for your Halloween cookie ideas with these delicious Oreo.

Utilize Oreo cream:

1 - vampire & sewed mouth

  • Split the Oreo and draw a simple vampire face with pointy teeth. It works better with purple or brown cream. We can also design it with the sewed mouth mentioned above!

2 - eyeballs or aliens

  • For the white base, we can use green and black to make the eyeballs and draw several tentacles to turn them into tiny aliens.

Use Oreo as a whole:

3 - spooky bats

  • Crack one Oreo piece in half and place it on the cream to form a pair of bat’s wings. Finish it with the eyes.

4 - spooky bats

  • Repeat the first step but tuck the halves in between another whole Oreo, and also paint the googly eyes.

5 - spider with snacks

  • Insert 6 pieces of stick-shaped snacks in the cream to make the spider’s legs and dot the eyes with cream of a different color.

If you would like to prepare something from A to Z instead of using these Halloween cookie ideas, try our Witch Finger Cookies and surprise even your bravest friends! We will warm your winter up with more irresistible recipes, so don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel!



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