How to make potato chips to add your snack party with a delicious food

Making Homemade Potato Chips – Definitely Delicious It


Fried dishes were popularly known as French fries at the restaurants. However, not all of them were originated from France, where even potato chips or crisps’ history was not from. However, you knew or not, about the history of the chips, I’m sure that you will love so much the crispy chips after your excitement of my video. Maybe, you made potato chips with your own methods, I still introduce you to how to make the crispy, salty, and crunchy potato chips through this article.

If you prefer video format, watch this video below to learn how to make Homemade Potato Chips step by step

What is the potato chip?

Potato chips were invented in 1853 by a man named George Crum at Moon’s Lake House resort in Saratoga, New York State. He called them “potato crunches” at first, but people began referring to them as “Saratoga Chips”.

Potato chips are thin slices that can be fried using batch or kettle frying or continuous frying. During batch operation, the chips have a higher fat level, more blistering, and a harder surface due to the presence of starch on the surface.

potato chips_crunchy

Potato chips are served as a snack with drinks at meals. Don’t forget to remind children, who love this snack for any time from the crispness and a few of the fat of the chips. Today, potato chips are very popular in the world, and many nations have their own unique take on the potato chip eaten by all aged persons.

Potatoes are fried in either vegetable oil or seed oil. To further flavors, salt, pepper or other spices can be seasoned, some persons can add a bit of sugar. Powdered sour cream and onion and barbecue flavors are also mixed with the potato chips. Depending on where one is, potato chips may be added to sandwiches, mashed up in casseroles, crushed and used for breading on fried foods, or even stuck in the fridge so that they can be eaten cold.

Ingredients of Potato Chips

Potato Of course, this is a major ingredient of this food. Potatoes contain a good source of many vitamins and minerals such as potassium and vitamin C, fiber but almost no fat. The fat limitation is found to release any worry on risks of health to eat the chips.

Cooking oil – I suggest to use cooking oil extracted from vegetables, nuts, seeds to provide the nutritional benefits. You will cook delicious and healthy chips from the best cooking oil.

Salt and pepper – are added for more flavorful chips. The desired quantity depends on your taste.

How to make potato chips

Slices of potato

1. Slice and wash the peeled potatoes to have the chips cut with the straight, grooved, crinkled, or flat surface. The most important point is that the slice surface should be uniform for all these cuts.

Clean potatoes

2. Maintain cooking oil under medium heat, avoid being so high or low for the failure of your cooking result.

Potato slices_frying

3. Well-fry the chips during cooking to have a golden color and still crispy to serve. A suitable temperature and your frequent motor under cooking shall make the perfect chips.

Add salt and pepper to the chips

4. Add salt and pepper, a final stage is very simple, but boots the food more flavorful.

Tips for perfect potato chips

Potato: Should select the clean, smooth, firm-textured potatoes. If you don’t decide to make this food as soon as you buy potatoes, you should store potatoes in a well-ventilated place at a suitable temperature. Avoid cold or hot temperatures causing potato starch to convert to sugar, resulting in a sweet taste and discoloration when cooked. Moreover, storing potatoes in a cool, dry, dark location that is well ventilated will reduce sprouting, which can cause illness. Therefore, cut the sprouts away before cooking or eating.

Delicious Potato Chips

Cooking oil: an ingredient is necessary for fried foods if you don’t focus on other solid fats instead of oil. I recommend choosing vegetable oils for cooking. Secondly, oil with bad smells is advised to throw away from your kitchen. When the oil is stored too long it can become oxidized or rancid. Let’s use healthy oils for cooking, including this food.

Frying: The chips should be fried on medium heat, avoid high heat. Don’t fry the chips to get brown or burn on texture.

FAQs about Potato Chips

Which the differences between the chips and the crisps are?

The chips or crisps have been called by different countries. In the United States, a crisp is a fruit dessert with a sweet crumb topping, completely unrelated to potatoes. Chips are thin slices of potatoes that are fried and served cold. French fries are fried and served hot. Meanwhile, in Great Britain and Ireland, chips are called “crisps”, whereas French fries are called “chips”. Anyway, all of them are eaten as delicious snacks or appetizers for your meals. Don’t pay attention to their names or origin, be free to enjoy a happy time.

flavorful chips

How to store the potato chips?

You can make every batch and eat it all. However, the chips can be stored at a suitable temperature to serve cold in a short term. Because of being fried with cooking oil, advice of small-batch in making results to you.

You can add the potato chips to your snack collection for your party or picnic after watching the video below


Making Homemade Potato Chips – Definitely Delicious It

potato chips_Thumbnail
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Category: Snack
  • Method: Frying


  • 5 potatoes
  • Cooking oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper


Step 1 – Prepare the potato chips

  • Peel potatoes and slice into thin pieces. Try to cut every perfect slice with the same size to result in delicious fried chips.
  • Clean the potato slices in a water bowl to remove the dirty stuff on the texture of the slices. Ensure that every slice will be cleaned before cooking, you should wash them 2 times.
  • Then dry the slices by putting all on paper towels to absorb liquid.

Step 2 – Fried the potato chips

  • Prepare a frying pan in the oven and pour a lot of cooking oil.
  • Alternately toss the potato slices in the frying pan to submerge in cooking oil to fry at medium heat.
  • Use a holed ladle to turn back and forth the frying slices to ensure them to be well golden and crispy.

Step 3 – Mix the potato chips with some spices and serve

  • Place the chips on a dish with paper towels to reduce the oil out of chips.
    Mix some salt and pepper. Depend on your desire to mix how much salt and pepper.
  • Mix the chips, salt, and pepper in a bowl until all of them combine well.
    Place your perfect result in a nice dish and serve them.


  • I chose to fry the potato chips instead of baking them. Therefore, the potato slices are free of water and moisture after washing and blanching. While frying oil should be sufficiently hot, but not on high heat so that the potato chips do not soak much oil and stay crisp, the most important thing is healthy to eat.


  • Calories: 179
  • Sodium: 2,622.6mg
  • Fat: 11.1g
  • Carbohydrates: 18.6g
  • Protein: 2.2g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg

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This recipe is very simple and fast to make with just a few steps, these additive potato chips are selected as a snack without many kitchen tools and various ingredients. If you feel so interested in and excited by my posted channel, please continue exploring my next recipes.


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