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How to Make Crispy Pickled Pig Ear Recipe

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Ingredients for pickling


How to choose the best pig ears: you should buy the white, fresh and thick pig ears from a qualified shop/stall to have a healthy food without any original doubt or anxiety.

You should shave all hair on pig ears carefully to have a smooth and clean texture. To eliminate the bad smell firstly, I carefully massaged them with much salt and vinegar, then wash them before cooking.

1. Boil the pig ears

Pickled pig ears as a snack

2. Prepare vegetables:

Vegetables to pickle with pig ears

3. Prepare the vinegar mixture

Sweet and sour pickle from pig ears

4. Pickle the pig ears

Crispy pig ear strips

Pickle recipe from pig ears

5. Store the pickled pig ears for serving

Tasty and crispy pickled ear recipe

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