Easiest Tips To Succeed In Making Japanese Cheese Cake

Easiest Tips To Succeed In Making Japanese Cheese Cake | Japanese CheeseCake Recipes

Homemade Japanese Cheesecake

As we know, cheese is one kind of very popular ingredients for making a cake. It brings human good taste and many benefits for our health also. Here are some facts about it:
– Cheese is the best dietary for Calcium, which prevents our body from Osteoporosis.
– It’s an excellent source of Protein.
– It provides an excellent source of natural vitamin B-12

How To Make Japanese Cheesecake
How To Make Japanese Cheesecake

Besides, there are many more different bits of help to our health. That’s the reason why I’m always looking for some good ways to make a cheesecake for my table companions. Luckily, I’ve found the easiest tips to succeed in making Japanese cheesecake and I will share with you some really simple steps below. Your task is measuring some kinds of easily found ingredients, following my simplest recipe, and showing other people that you can master this dessert better than ever.

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Easiest Tips To Succeed In Making Japanese Cheese Cake | Japanese Cheese Cake

  • Author: Havy Cakes
  • Cook Time: 2 Hours
  • Total Time: 2 Hours
  • Category: Cake
  • Method: Bake


We can easily find out the ingredients needed for this cake through its name. We will prepare cheese, flour, milk, butter and some other stuffs which are popular for making cake. It is better to measure the ingredients with a scale so that we can ensure our final result tasty and smooth.

  • Cheese: 250g
  • Egg: 6 eggs
  • Fresh milk: 130g
  • Sugar: 130g
  • Butter: 80g
  • Flour: 50g
  • Corn starch: 40g
  • Vanilla: 1 tsp


Step 1: Mixing cheese, butter, milk and sugar

  • Having everything ready for making a Japanese cheesecake. We will begin with mixing cheese, butter, milk and sugar.
  • Boiling a pot of little water.
  • Place a brass which is used to mix above ingredients on the pot.
  • First, add fresh milk to the brass.
  • Second, add 60g of sugar.
  • Go on mixing step with some butter and cheese.
  • Finally, don’t forget to whip the mixture with a long spoon until all ingredients mix together.

Step 2: Beating the egg yolks and combining with the mixture

  • Before beating the yolks and the white eggs we have to detaching the egg yolks from the white eggs. As I have shared in previous post about this step, we should:
  • Use a knife to break the eggs into two parts.
  • Keep the egg yolk inside the shell and leave the whole white egg to a bowl.
  • When finishing, put the yolk in other separated bowl.
  • Continue to do the same with 5 other eggs.
  • After detaching the egg yolks, we leave all of them to the bowl of milk, cheese and butter prepared before.
  • Then, add some more flour to the bowl.
  • Remember to put in the bowl a tiny spoon of vanilla.
  • Whipping these ingredients in the bowl with a beater until we get the result like picture above.
  • To have a smooth and fancy Japanese cheesecake, it is necessary to sift the mixture of egg, flour, and cheese with a sifter.
  • Put a sifter on a bowl.
  • Slowly pour the mixture into the sifter.
  • While pouring the mixture, use a beater to whip around the sifter so that the mixture can flow into the bowl more easily.

Step 3: Beating the white eggs

  • In order to have a spongy mixture of white eggs and sugar, while beating the white eggs we add sugar slowly to the bowl.
  • Continue to keep this action until we get the result like picture below.

Step 4: Combing the mixture of the beaten white eggs and the beaten yolks mixed with cheese

  • At this step, we shouldn’t leave all beaten white eggs into the bowl of beaten yolks and cheese.
  • First, spoon up a little of beaten white eggs to the bowl and move the spoon around it.
  • When the ingredients in the bowl mix well together. Pour all of the mixture to the bowl of beaten white eggs.
  • Go on stirring the mixture.

Step 5: Baking the Japanese cheesecake

  • Preparing an aluminum foil paper under a brass.
  • Pour the mixture into this brass and bake it with the microwave.
  • It costs us about 70-80 minutes to bake the cheesecake.

I have succeeded in making incredible Japanese cheesecakes many times thanks to these easiest tips. My table companions always ask this kind of dessert for every occasion they com to my house, because of its good smell and fancy taste. I myself tried it first, then inviting someone else to eat and became a crazy fan of this delicious cheesecake. Hope with these simple steps above and the demonstration of helpful pictures you can easily follow and master Japanese cheesecake to bring a healthy kind of dessert for all of your lovers.

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