How To Make The Best Mango Panna Cotta | Mango Panna Cotta Recipe Print

Simplest Recipe To Make The Best Mango Panna Cotta


A mango panna cotta is a basically mixture of cream, sugar, vanilla and gelatin which is added to the mixture and create its consistency. Therefore, we can easily buy these stuffs at any supermarkets or grocery stores.



Step 1: Preparing the milk and mango mixture

step 1

Step 2: Pouring the mango mixture into cups

Step 2

Step3: Preparing the mixture of whipping cream and milk

Step 3

Step 4: Decorating

Step 4

I’ve succeeded in making mango panna cotta for many times and create happiness for my family members thanks to this simplest recipe and you are sure to do better if following some easy steps above.

No reason to hesitate, take a cup of mango panna cotta to try and enjoy not only the truly smooth of it when putting it first on our tongue, but also the sweet of mango and the rich in milk and cream will lead your soul to the beach with wind and waves under this really hot summer temperature.

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