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Mochi Ice Cream Recipes | Japanese Dessert Recipe


We have tried and made many desserts together, and our journey will take a different route today with a cold treat! The topic of the day will be: How to Make Mochi Ice Cream? I can guarantee it will be much more fun than ordering from delivery services or visiting a local supermarket.

The Basics about Mochi

Even though it has become a popular dessert and snack nowadays, we mostly know of it as a glutinous texture for many ice cream flavors. But what does ‘mochi’ mean? Let’s find out! (1)

the basics about japanese mochi

What is Mochi?

Traditionally, ancient Japanese made mochi by beating whole rice grains or glutinous rice with a wooden mallet. They would then obtain a flexible paste that they can mold and shape according to their liking. However, they mainly had round mochi balls with different fillings. In the beginning days, mochi was part of the religious offerings in Shinto rituals performed by the aristocrats.

Despite being a soft food, mochi isn’t for toddlers, as it’s quite gummy and potentially a choking hazard. Even adults thought they should swallow it when they first tried a bite while they actually should chew it carefully.

Mochi Types

Sakura. Bearing the name of the nation’s symbolization flower, Sakura mochi is served with a salted cherry blossom leaf. Nonetheless, the crust is lumpier than others, how strange!

Daifuku. It’s the most common type of mochi that you might find anywhere. The sphere shape and the bean paste taste the best when chill, thus it is technically the origin of our mochi ice cream.

Hanabira. ‘Hana’ is the Japanese word for ‘flower’, and the tiny cake resembles it indeed. It has the form of a crescent moon with a pink tinge and a white bean stuffing. What makes it distinctive is the candy stick tucked in between the two halves.

Warabi. Though more usually found on the West side of Japan, Warabi mochi will leave a permanent impression on you with its beautiful translucent texture that is made from warabi starch.

Kirimochi (Marumochi). For people who don’t like sweet treats, this unsweetened mochi will be their ultimate favorite. It typically has a rectangular shape, and we will need to cook it before serving.

Kusamochi. In my opinion, Kusamochi is the loveliest mochi available! The dough is mild green, yet the inside is filled with red bean jam. Especially, the cook will shape it to a flower resemblance.

Our Ice Cream Mochi

First of all, don’t mistake mochi ice cream for the traditional mochi cakes! The credits belong to Frances Hashimoto of Little Tokyo, California as an effort to preserve the Japanese culture in the neighborhood. It is mochi dough with ice cream filling.

With a large number of restaurants in Asian style, the US quickly became the land for this Japanese dessert to thrive. The variety of flavors is the main reason it receives so much adoration.

How to make Mochi Ice Cream?


Mochi Ice Cream | Japanese Dessert Recipe

matcha ice cream mochi

Don’t worry about the upcoming winter, since having some freezing ice cream in the cold weather is a guilty pleasure of many people. What we are going to do is giving the green tea ice cream a mochi crust and enhancing our experience.

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  • Prep Time: 30 mins
  • Total Time: 2 hrs
  • Category: Dessert


ingedients for mochi ice cream If you are an ice cream lover, you won’t be unfamiliar with the ingredients we will need for this famous Japanese dessert. Ice cream

  • 35g condensed milk
  • 4g matcha powder
  • 100g cream

Mochi texture

  • 80g glutinous rice powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 15g sugar
  • 90ml water
  • 100g roasted cornflour


Step 1: Make the ice cream filling

1 - make the ice cream

  • Mix condensed milk well with the matcha powder. You should see a smooth green cream without too many match lumps.
  • Pour cream into the bowl and whisk the mixture lightly into a delicious paste. Don’t make it too spongy!

2 - let the ice cream freeze

  • Fill the slots in your ice cube tray with this mix and let it fridge.

Step 2: Make the mochi crust

3 - make the mochi texture

  • Mix glutinous rice powder, salt, sugar, and water. Whisk these ingredients slightly until the mixture becomes a smooth cream.
  • Sieve the liquid mix into another bowl to get rid of the lumps. We won’t want anything like that in our soft mochi.

4 - steam the mochi dough

  • Steam it for 1 – 1.5 hours. When you test the result with a spoon, it should be condensed and squishy at the same time.

5 - knead and flatten the dough

  • Lay cornflour on a new plate, roll the steamed mass all over, knead, and your mochi dough is ready!

Step 3: Wrap and serve

wrap the ice ceam in the mochi texture

  • Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough. Keep the thickness of the sheet no more than 2mm.
  • Divide the sheet into smaller parts and make sure the size fits your filling cubes.
  • Remove the ice cream balls from the tray and wrap each of them in a piece of mochi sheet.


  • Be generous with the corn flour! If you use exactly 100 grams as stated in the ingredient section, not all of it will be absorbed by the squishy mass.
  • We can use a scoop to have the perfect round mochi ice cream.
  • Aside from using green tea like this easy recipe, you can be as creative as possible with the flavors, especially when you simply love the stringy mochi texture.
  • These scrumptious buns will still be good for consumption if you store them in the freezer, up to 1 week.

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You can see the data of nutrients and calories in a mochi ice cream, and it’s totally suitable for a snack or a dessert. After all, sweet dishes like this are meant for some self-loving or a jolly gathering on the weekend. If you want more ideas for a party, try Tasty Chocolate Donuts, Fried Milk Cakes, or Curry Potato Cakes, and remember to subscribe to my channel!

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