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The Best Recipe For Making Nama Chocolate More Than Chocolate | Nama Chocolate


Nama chocolate first known as a famous kind of dessert in Japan. The word “Nama” means “fresh” in Japanese. That is the reason why it becomes more and more popular all over the world nowadays. Luckily, I myself have found the best recipe for making Nama chocolate which includes plenty of rich and fresh milk in it. If you are a true chocolate fiend, you can not ignore these simple steps below. Just from one to two hours with some easy tips we can master this sweet and fancy Nama chocolate at home. Let’s make it more than chocolate together.


The Best Recipe For Making Nama Chocolate At Home

  • Author: Havy Cakes
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 1-2 hour
  • Total Time: 1-2 hour
  • Category: Cake
  • Method: Melting, mixing and freezing


As the explanation of its name “Nama chocolate”, we mainly use chocolate for making this kind of dessert. Remember to prepare very good dark chocolate for this, because the tastier chocolate we choose, the better product we can get. The final taste of your product is heavily affected by the type of chocolate we use. Moreover, we need some more fresh milk, cheese, butter. And all of these ingredients are really easy to find at any grocery stores or supermarkets. One more thing we must not forget is measure these stuffs as our recipe below:

  • Whipping cream: 150g
  • Chocolate: 400g
  • Butter: 200g
  • Some Cocoa powder


Step 1: Beating 150g of whipping cream

After having all simple ingredients ready for making Nama chocolate we start the project with beating whipping cream.

  •  Place the whipping cream in a bowl which is put on a flat table so that it is easier for beating.
  •  Beating this cream with a beater until we get the result like the picture below.

  • Keep this bowl of whipping cream in the fridge for some minutes while waiting for the next step.

Step 2: Preparing melted dark chocolate and mixing with the whipping cream

If we have bought some very good chocolate, this step seems completely simple to follow.

  • Boil some water in a pot.
  •  When the water is hot, put a brass on the pot.
  •  Place some dark chocolate in this pot.
  •  Move a spoon around the pot until all chocolate is melted.
  •  After that, we one more time use the beater to stir 200g of the butter in another bowl.
  • Pour the melted dark chocolate we have prepared into the bowl of butter.
  • Mix them together.
  •  Then add the whipping cream into this bowl and go on mixing with stirring a spoon around it.

Step 3: Placing the mixture in the refrigerator for about 1 to 2 hours:

  •  Having all ingredients mix well together in a bowl, leave this mixture into a plastic.
  •  Cut a small hole at the bottom of it so that it is much simpler to pour the mixture into a box, which is used for placing it in the fridge.
  •  Finishing some easiest steps above, now we just need to wait for more than an hour to take the mix out and enjoy the result.
  •  Two hours passed, we take the box out of the refrigerator and I’m sure you will can’t stand with preventing yourself from beating one piece of the product.
  •  However, wait for one more step, we should cut the Nama chocolate into many small pieces with a knife-like picture below.
  •  Cover the surface of this dessert with some cocoa powder to make it become more and more fancy.

Now you can try Nama chocolate, which is easy made by yourself at home and don’t need to go out or looking for any bakery shops on the Internet. The first time I tried Nama chocolate made by myself, I had unforgettable moment because of its sweet and including plenty of fresh milk and butter in it. Even though, I’m a crazy fan of chocolate this is the most delicious chocolate cake I eaten ever. With the best recipe above I have made many Nama chocolate for all of my lovers who always ask it for dessert any time they visit my house. Therefore, no reason for you to hesitate. Let’s follow simplest steps as I list above with preparing a very good dark chocolate first and you will see the magic to become a master of making Nama Chocolate more than chocolate.



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