How to Make Spiderman Cake I Spiderman Cake Decoration Idea

How to Make Spiderman Cake I Spiderman Birthday Cake Decoration Idea


I have introduced to you the Barbie doll cake decoration idea which is for girls who love Barbie dolls. Do I ignore boys? No, I don’t. I know that boys usually like characters owning some superpower like Superman, Ironman, Batman, and Spiderman, among others. Therefore, I came up with this Spiderman cake decoration idea which is easy but will make your boys happy on their birthdays.

Spiderman birthday cake idea: Intro

For this decoration work, you will need only some tools as follows.



1. Prepare the cake before the final frosting layer

  • You are going to make a one-layer cake so you will need a round plain cake with an average thickness and a flat top surface.
  • If you want to do a layered cake, make 2 separate cake layers – check out this or this easy cake recipe, then add some filling between the two layers for more flavor.
  • Apply a crumb coat all around the cake by using your cake spatula to spread an evenly thin layer of frosting on the side and on top of the cake. The crumb coat will prevent crumbs from appearing on the final frosting layer where your artwork will be presented.

Spiderman birthday cake idea: Step1

2. Apply the final light blue frosting layer

  • Place blue frosting into a piping bag and cut the bag tip to create a relatively big opening.
  • Pipe the blue frosting in circles around the side and top of the cake while spinning the cake turntable. This will make your work on the final frosting layer easier.
  • Use your spatula to evenly spread the blue frosting on top and side of the cake. Add more frosting where needed.
  • Smooth out the top and top edge of the cake as best as you can to finish this frosting layer.

Spiderman birthday cake idea: Step2

3. Sketch the Spiderman design

If you are confident that you can decorate the Spiderman design on the cake without sketching it, just skip this step. Otherwise, do it as below.

  • Use a toothpick to divide the cake top into 8 equal parts by fist drawing one line to divide the top into 2 halves, then another line to make quarters, and another 2 lines to divide the top into 8 parts.
  • Next, sketch the Spiderman face and eyes using the lines you drew before as guide lines.
  • Then sketch the spider web by drawing curves near the top edge to connect the lines.

Spiderman birthday cake idea: Step3

4. Decorate the Spiderman design

  • Melt the black chocolate chips/bars, place it into a piping bag then cut the very end of the bag tip to create a really small opening for piping small details. Do the same for red and yellow frosting piping bags.
  • Start from the Spiderman face. Pipe the melted chocolate on the curves and lines you sketched, try to cover them all with chocolate to get a perfect final look of the cake.
  • Pipe some more curves of the spider web inside the Spiderman face.
  • Fill the Spiderman eyes with yellow frosting and the face with red frosting; be careful not to cover the chocolate lines and curves you have finished.

Spiderman birthday cake idea: Step4

5. Add a part of the spider web on the side of the cake

  • First, pipe vertical lines of melted chocolate connecting to the lines on top of the cake; make sure that you also create a foot for each line.
  • Next, add one or two vertical lines between every 2 lines of the previous step.
  • Finally, pipe 2 layers of curves connecting the vertical lines to finish the spider web on the side of the cake.

Spiderman birthday cake idea: Step5

6. Add some more details

  • Place some chocolate solid circles on top and some chocolate panels as demonstrated in the photo below. Use frosting as glue to keep these chocolate objects in desired positions.
  • To create these chocolate objects, use a pencil to draw the shapes on parchment paper, then fill them with melted chocolate and refrigerate them for a while. After that, take them off the parchment paper to where you want to place them on the cake.

Spiderman birthday cake idea: Step6

It is quite simple and easy, isn’t it? I will be very happy if my post helps you make Spiderman birthday cakes more beautiful than my demonstration.

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