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Easy Recipe For Making Vanilla Cupcake At Home | Vanilla Cupcake


Our recipe is easy for you from the preparing step to the making one, because we only need to prepare some easy ingredients which can be found at home or bought at any grocery stores. As its name, it is necessary to set up some cupcake tins in order to put the cakes in. According to our recipe, you should prepare about 12 cupcake tins and measure some kinds of ingredients as below:

Having everything ready for becoming a master chef of making easy vanilla cupcakes, we will start the first basic step: Detaching the egg yolks from the egg white.


Step 1: Detaching the egg yolks from the egg white

Step 2: Beating the egg yolks

Sift some cornstarch and flour into the mixture bowl we’ve just got.

Step 3: Beating the white egg

Stir the mixture of sugar and white egg well until its color changes to the very white one like the picture.

Step 4: Combining the very white mixture with the yellow one

Step 5: Dividing the mixture into cupcake tins for baking and decorating

I used to feel really ashamed of my bad cooking skill. However, thanks to this helpful recipe, my husband feels so proud of me because I can successfully create vanilla cupcakes for our relatives and friends many times. Whenever they visit our house, they all ask this perfect kind of dessert to enjoy after meals. I myself, used to be a bad cook, can master these vanilla cupcakes easily with some simple steps.

Why don’t you try to get better result?


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