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Delicious-smelling Fried Pork Belly Strips

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Notes on selecting good quality pork belly

Quality of the pork belly decides how good your food is. Therefore, you should pick good quality pork belly. For this fried pork belly recipe you should choose the strips which have:

Fried pork belly recipe: Notes

1. Preparing the pork, chili, garlic and lemongrass

2. Seasoning the pork belly strips

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3. Frying the pork belly strips

For this recipe, you can fry, bake or grill the pork belly trips. I opt for frying as it is the easiest way. Now, let’s fry the pork belly strips.

Fried pork belly recipe: Step3

4. Serving the fried pork belly strips

Cut the fried pork belly strips into thin slices and serve hot with rice, rice vermicelli or white bread. You can pair these fried pork belly strips with some fresh cucumbers and lettuce.

This food will increase your appetite and I hope that it will also increase your love for cooking.

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