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Mochi Ice Cream | Japanese Dessert Recipe

matcha ice cream mochi

Don’t worry about the upcoming winter, since having some freezing ice cream in the cold weather is a guilty pleasure of many people. What we are going to do is giving the green tea ice cream a mochi crust and enhancing our experience.



ingedients for mochi ice cream If you are an ice cream lover, you won’t be unfamiliar with the ingredients we will need for this famous Japanese dessert. Ice cream

Mochi texture


Step 1: Make the ice cream filling

1 - make the ice cream

2 - let the ice cream freeze

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Step 2: Make the mochi crust

3 - make the mochi texture

4 - steam the mochi dough

5 - knead and flatten the dough

Step 3: Wrap and serve

wrap the ice ceam in the mochi texture


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