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Smart Cooking Appliances from Japan You Didn’t Hear Of!


If you’re on this page, I assume you are an enthusiast when it comes to Japan and its beautiful culture. As a cuisine, there is no way I’m going to ignore the superb devices the country has been producing and introducing to the world. With these smart cooking appliances, the delicious treats you have seen in manga and anime will no longer be a dream!

Takoyaki Maker

Also known as Octopus Balls, Takoyaki is one of the most popular Japanese street snacks, originated in Osaka. The vendors would usually serve these balls with sauce and gain adoration from all types of customers. Children love fritters, and adults would enjoy having them with their favorite alcoholic drinks.

However, it’s not exactly a simple treat in the kitchen, especially when you are in a rush. That’s where these smart cooking appliances step in.

Super Big Takoyaki Machine

Have you ever got tired of only having the tiny fritters? I’m not saying they don’t taste good! But the giant takoyaki will give you satisfaction like no other.

This big machine allows us to have 2 Takoyakis at once, each with a diameter of 8.5 cm. All you need to do is adding the batter and the filling, then flipping the giant balls at the right time. The sphere shape of the molds will do the difficult part for you!

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Automatic Takoyaki Machine

I’m not being biased, but this device is a complete package that I can’t ask for more from. If you are a beginner or the slots are simply too small for your movement, it will solve all your problem by turning the takoyakis for you.

Aesthetics wise, it will be the center of attention in your kitchen due to the eye-catching red shade. Also, the package includes a kettle that helps you to pour the batter without making a mess.

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Semi-automatic Takoyaki Machine

Each batch made by this electric pan will give you 24 fritter balls, enough for a family meal. You can also see how the outer exterior is designed to be a little higher than the pan, which prevents the batter from overflowing.

The function is almost the same as the giant takoyaki maker, with a small downside. There is no knob for temperature control, and your only choice is to shut it down if it gets overheated.

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Automatic Barbecue Machine

A griller and a full set of BBQ seem too much for the limited space you have for the kitchen. but what to do if you love the scented smell and the sweet taste of the grilled meat? Don’t worry, you only need to purchase smart cooking appliances like this machine!

You can make 10 skewers at once and clean the inner capacity with ease, for all the parts are safe for dishwashers. I would say it’s worthy of a spot on your counter, but it won’t even take up so much space!

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Solo Table Grill

How about a griddle that fits a one-person meal? It is a perfect choice if you are living in a studio type of apartment.

Culinary wise, it is designed to de-oil the ingredients and give you a healthy meal. Toss vegetables, ribs, salmon, and steaks for your dream solo feast. It saves a great deal of time for you, though it features a receipt sheet in case you want something extravagant!

Nonstick and smokeless, it will leave little to no aroma in your small room!

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OniRobot – Rice Ball Maker

Onigiri is the Japanese gourmet rice ball that you can have for a very quick meal without worrying about gluten and diet. Many people love this treat because it offers them a variety of choices for ingredients to put inside.

Now, you don’t need skills to shape the perfect rice balls! This robot uses enough pressure to quickly and gently squeeze the rice and prevent it from falling apart.

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Smart Hot-pot

If you love stewed dishes that require little effort and show great qualities, you might want to get one of the smart cooking appliances from SHARP.

What do you need to do? Slice the ingredients into smaller pieces and add appropriate seasonings, select the menu, then finally press the Start button.

What if the recipe demands mixing? No problem! It’s called ‘automatic’ for a reason. Besides setting a timer, you can also activate a stirring mode. By the way, the manufacturer also installed a Wi-Fi function in their products, which will connect to your phone and download new recipes from the internet.

Moreover, the method used here is waterless cooking, which means the pot will utilize the moisture from the supplies and make the flavors stronger without losing nutrients and vitamins.

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Several Japanese treats I have tried:

When we speak of Japan, it’s common for us to think of their smart cooking appliances aside from the traditional cultural values. And the technology world is a wonder when it comes to culinary art, a wonder that I want to share with you. So if you enjoy the content and want to know more about my favorite kitchen tools, don’t forget to subscribe to the website!

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